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[Sunday 02 12 06]
I'm thinking about closing this place down :)

Not really been making icons, and I feel like I only do it so I don't lose watchers, and that's not the right reason to make icons.

Been thinking about somethings and I waste too much time on these 100x100 pretties ;)

There are other fantastic icon makers out there and this place rarely gets visited anymore, so I think I'll end things here.

Feel free to remove me from your flist. In the future if I ever make icons, I'll probably post them in the respective fandom communities or in my journal, or nowhere at all.

It's been good, but it's time to move on. Thanks for watching me for so long, guys! :)
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[Saturday 02 04 06]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Haven't posted in a while :)


45 icons of miscellanityCollapse )

These were really random icons, I just found random pictures and iconed them. So, they're not really cateogorized. Sorry!
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[Monday 01 02 06]
[ mood | nervous ]

New layout! icontoll :D

Aw, last batch before I have school again tomorrow.


Lots of miscellaneous stuff again, HP, actors, actress, whatever! 55 total icons.Collapse )
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[Sunday 12 25 05]
[ mood | calm ]

I made a lot of random icons, like, I just went through my harddrive and found pretty pictures and I iconed them.

Happy holidays, guys! :)


I've got HP, LotR, Alias, models, whatever. 45 icons!Collapse )
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[Wednesday 12 21 05]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Okay here are two sets. One set was from longer ago and the other was made today. Oh what NYC Transit strikes do to me...


45 total iconsCollapse )
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